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Training Drills on Tuesdays Nights

Tuesday night is drill night.

Each of the three companies performs each drill on a rotating basis. On Tuesday 7/16, the SWFD drilled individually by company:

Station 1 participated in a drafting drill at Dzen Pond off of Barber Hill Road. The mechanics of drafting water from a static water source is a necessary bit of knowledge in the event we respond to a fire in a non-hydranted area. Those areas in town are few and far between, but they do exist. Additionally, neighborhoods without hydrants in some of our mutual aid towns are plentiful, so training on using natural or man-made water sources is of high-value.

Station 2 spent time on the CT River this evening, training on Marine 1. Our marine unit is used for water rescues along the areas of the CT River that border South Windsor. Surrounding towns have marine units as well, and we often work hand-in-hand with them.

Station 3 participated in some advanced forcible entry training with Flash Fire Industries, CT Custom Fire Training, and the SWFD Training Division, at our Fire Headquarters. Using different door props simulating real-life scenarios, added difficulty was thrown into the standard forcible entry drill. Crews were able to force doors under smoke-filled, low-visibility conditions, and also while a confined-area stair prop.
Next week, stations will rotate so all members gets a hand at each task.






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