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Wednesday 4/17/19 - Structure Fire
Today at 8:23 pm, the South Windsor Fire Department was called to 11 Pam Lane for a reported fire. Car 19 arrived on scene in 5 minutes and reported a split level home well-involved in fire with live power lines down in the front yard. Neighbors reported the possibility of occupants trapped within the home. Crews made entry via second floor windows to perform a search, however had to retreat shortly after entry to each room due to the volume of fire and structural integrity. Shortly after, it was confirmed that all occupants were accounted for. The fire is knocked down at this time and approximately 50 SWFD members remain on scene extinguishing the remaining fire. The SWFD was assisted on scene by the Town of Manchester Fire Department and town coverage was provided by the Broad Brook Fire Department, Manchester 8th Utilities Fire Department and Vernon Fire Department. Origin and cause is currently being investigated by the South Windsor Fire Marshals Office.FirePamLane0

Photo Credit: SWFD Photogrpaher Dennis Brunelle


VES - Vent, Enter, Search.

One practice used by fire departments nationwide is the VES, consisting of the three components listed above. A VES is typically performed when search of a bedroom or other living area would be delayed if access was attempted via an exterior door. It’s especially performed in situations like the one shown in this photo taken last night, where a structure is heavily involved in fire, but there is a report of people still potentially inside.

Once a ladder is thrown, the firefighter first breaks the window, gaining access to the interior of the home. After clearing the glass, the firefighter will enter inside to start the search. Time is of the essence in these situations, as breaking the window can introduce more oxygen and pull the fire closer. After entering, the firefighter performs a quick but thorough search of the room. During the search, an effort is made to isolate the room from the fire by closing the door. Once the search is the complete, the firefighter returns to the window with any victims found, and exits the same way he or she entered.

Typically, false reports are not something to be happy about, but we were pleased to later find out the home was actually unoccupied. Nonetheless, at the time of arrival, our initial actions revolved around the theory someone was still inside. Even with a heavy fire load in a well-involved structure such as this, livable space exists. Conditions will dictate your actions, as even here, we made entry, but were unable to get to the door in the front rooms we VES’d. From the exterior, it’s impossible to determine whether or not a victim trapped inside will survive or not, so it’s our job to do everything in our power to increase those chances. Vent, Enter, Search.

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